Tutored Study Plan: See What It Is Now!

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Do you know what a Tutored Study Plan is? Take your doubts about this concept and change your way of studying!

Education is undoubtedly a transformative tool for society. It’s easy to see all the change it brings in a person’s life and, of course, the privilege it is to have access to quality study . For that, we don’t need to go very far — just look at examples like Malala Yousafzai, who risked her life for the right to learn.

Fortunately, our reality is very different from the young Pakistani activist, and you can have access to a series of unmissable resources to help us with our studies. And, with the right dose of dedication combined with quality material, it is possible to achieve your dreams and conquer everything you want.

For this, however, it is important to have some help. After all, we are not alone in the world, right? Discover the tutored study plan and learn more about this tool that will revolutionize your history and your entire future!

What is a study plan?

The study plan is an indispensable tool for your success as an entrance exam student. In a simplified way, it is an organization of the entire programming of subjects that you must study for the entrance exam , but respecting points such as:

  • the number of hours available for study per day;
  • the subjects in which you have the most difficulty;
  • the ones you like to study the most;
  • the course you aim for in college;
  • their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning.

Without a good study schedule and a lot of organization in your day to day, it is difficult to do well in the tests. This has nothing to do with your potential — remember that test scores do not define who you are! — but with the sheer volume of content that must be seen — and reviewed! – throughout the year.

How important is this resource for learning?

A good study plan can make all the difference in your exam performance because:

  • causes few subjects to be delayed;
  • help in organizing content;
  • allows procrastination to be put aside;
  • encourages the student to learn;
  • organizes important points such as reviews and exercises;
  • it also organizes the resolution of tests and simulations;
  • allows you to write essays constantly, without getting lost;
  • helps in controlling anxiety at the time of the test;
  • familiarizes the student with the style of the questions;
  • allows learning from the ground up, with tranquility and security.

You are also responsible for your plan, okay? It is important to follow it correctly, not to despair if your performance drops a little (this is normal!) and to always remain confident.

Also, don’t forget: taking time to rest should also be part of your college planning! It is important that your mind and body are relaxed to absorb the content and not waste study time without retaining the information studied. Combined?

What is a Tutored Study Plan?

However, doing all this alone can be quite difficult, right? Where to start? How to organize tasks? And most importantly: who do I turn to if I have questions or need help with some issues?

With that in mind, tutored study plans emerged. They combine the useful with the pleasant, combining the organization of conventional plans with the benefits of having personalized and exclusive help whenever the student needs it!

This is a very important feature and one that will certainly make all the difference in your result. After all, it is by making mistakes that you learn, but we can only acquire this knowledge by fully understanding where we went wrong.

In addition, in tutored plans, the student can:

  • observe their performance in the modules;
  • observe if it is improving or getting worse in a certain subject;
  • rely on technology to formulate the best distribution of materials throughout the week;
  • have essays corrected and with comments periodically;
  • organize the simulations and observe their performance in them using calculators similar to the one used in the Enem.

And many other advantages!

What is this type of study plan for?

The tutored study plan brings all the advantages observed in the conventional plan — and which were mentioned in the topics above — but with a differential: frequent student support .

With it, it is easier to monitor your own performance, identify possible difficulties and face them as soon as possible. Planning for the vestibular involves self-knowledge !

In addition, this plan has tutoring, ie. Students can ask questions with teachers on duty and find out why they got a certain question wrong or understand concepts that were not very clear during classes.