Tips for getting good results in the exam

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Few tests summarize as much the expectations of high school students as the Enem test. Most don’t even bother to fail their final year, their goal is to get a spot in their dream college.

However, it is fair to say that a number of other people actually seek out the proof having been far away from a classroom for a number of years. After all, the idea of ​​having a public college education became a possibility to improve the financial condition in the long term.

Of course, there are several other people who have been trying for a few years. And that’s why this test has become something extremely interesting, since it reduces the possibility of selection almost once a year.

You need everything on this day to go as smoothly as possible, after all, wasting a year to try again can be quite discouraging.

Don’t get me wrong, taking a unified entrance exam brought some advantages, such as the ease of providing multiple selections by paying only one fee. In the past, each college took a separate test, and the schedules were often conflicting.

I want this year to be the decisive one where you will do your best. Shall we check?

5 tips to get good results

Before starting it is important to say that there are several other ways to improve your chances. But none of them are as effective as actually working on your studies. If you really want to gain some prominence and get your spot, you’re going to have to work hard.

1 – Look for a course

It seems a bit obvious, but many people avoid dedicating themselves to an entrance exam by studying in a preparatory course-oriented way. Really, not everyone has affordable values, but it’s fair to say that those who really want a good grade, need to pay the price.

Of course, problematic economic situations we all have, and some will have them to a greater degree, with absurd intensity. In this case, I strongly recommend that you opt for some smart options, such as online courses.

Many study sites are now internet based. And with it it will be possible to have access to incredible content that makes the entire study process improved.

2 – Remember to keep your physique up to date

Something most ENEM candidates ignore is that this is an endurance test. As much as we focus primarily on content and study, it’s important to remember that you can’t think if you’re tired.

And think about it, how many testing places are really comfortable? It is normal that you also have the issue of back pain from sitting in an unfavorable place for so long.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that there is a need to physically prepare for the test. I’m not talking about any guerrilla tactics or becoming a great bodybuilder overnight.

But adopting a healthy diet combined with vigorous and frequent walks will really make a big difference.

3 – Create mind maps

Our mind is excellent at storing knowledge in a segmented and structured way, even if it doesn’t seem like that. A classic example is having a vivid memory of a situation and saying, “I don’t know why, but I remembered it.”

Normally this type of remembrance happens exactly because we access some area of ​​our memory that is directly related to some type of information similar to this one.

Therefore, it is interesting to use a little psychology to facilitate the assimilation of content in our mind. In this way, we use what we call a mind map, where we take a central concept and structure branches around it with ideas that are complementary.

It is interesting to note that the learning curve increases a lot when adopting this type of strategy.


4 – Make simulations

It is important to note that ENEM questions are usually gigantic and can work with enormous contents to have a quick and simple answer in the end. However, you will only become used to this type of assessment if you have the ability to train with this type of content.

Therefore, it is normal to find the famous simulations everywhere. Which are assessments that try to imitate an ENEM test, and even if it has a completely different content from the test you are going to take in the future, it is possible to assimilate the style of the assessment itself.

You go to war knowing a little more about the type of enemy you will face.

Another also interesting possibility is to look for old tests, where you will be even more sure of what the culture of evaluation itself is like.

5 – Get ready before the day

There are some mistakes that could almost be called unforgivable. Just imagine preparing all year for the race and ending up late, or fighting hard, but unfortunately getting sick in the middle of the race.

Preparation needs to be taken into account at least a couple of days before the race itself. Go to the venue, see if you are really calm with the route and remember that the traffic on the day of the test will be greater than normal.

Also, remember to eat light, low-spiced meals. Unfortunately, many people end up trying to completely fill their belly and ignore that something can go wrong.

Eat a meal with plenty of fiber and protein, so you don’t get too sleepy or even make you feel the need to sleep during the test. Sleep can be just as destructive as unpreparedness.

In the most that’s it, just keep a good study routine and really dedicate yourself. Don’t give up, if you think things are a little difficult, remember that other people are having the same difficulty and will probably end up where you will continue to dedicate yourself.