Online courses: the new face of tutoring

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Private lessons at home are gradually disappearing in favor of online courses. For their academic support, many people now choose the e-learning method or participate in virtual classes. Here is everything there is to know about these different learning techniques.

The virtual classroom for private lessons
The virtual classroom is a distance course that recreates the work environment present in a real classroom. The courses are therefore held online, but they are followed in real time. They can be individual or collective. The special thing about the virtual classroom is that you can screen share and interact with all the people who participate in the lessons. You can see them, discuss, ask questions to the teacher, work in groups with other learners, send documents …

This technique is beneficial because it saves you the hassle of moving around, which saves you time and money. It is also a great alternative for students who need tutoring but are often busy. They will be able to work remotely from their home and benefit from real tailor-made support. Considering all the advantages that this learning method offers, the various educational players such as tutor management platforms have very quickly adopted it: for example, you have GoStudent which recommends this option to you when you book a private lesson on their site.

Generally, you access the classroom through free or paid tools that are available on the internet. But this type of online education platform has its own software that is as effective as the paid tools. It has many features such as the digital board, the recording function, etc. All these options guarantee the learner high-level private lessons with a specialized teacher who is compatible with him.

Online training for tutoring
Online training or e-learning consists of taking private lessons through pre-recorded videos. Unlike the virtual classroom, there is therefore no possibility of interacting with the teacher. Very often, lessons are sent with exercises and detailed answers. So when you finish watching a chapter, you can test your skills and see your level of comprehension.

Since it is not possible to ask questions in real time, there is often a dedicated comments area where you can raise any concerns. You will find there the various exchanges between the teacher and all the learners who have followed this course. You can therefore read the interventions to have a better understanding of the course. The main advantage of this method is that it adapts perfectly to the student’s program. There are no time constraints as you watch videos whenever and wherever you want. It therefore offers total learning autonomy. This is why it is recommended for conscientious students and pupils who manage to learn even without external pressure.

Online tutor search
The new methods in tutoring do not only affect the course of lessons. Finding a teacher for your child is also made easier thanks to the tutor management companies available on the internet. They bring together thousands of experienced teachers on their platforms, each specialized in one subject.

Most of them carry out a rigorous selection and retain only the best teachers. They are then based on the personality, needs and academic level of the student to suggest the ideal tutor. This new technique therefore makes it possible to find in a few clicks and in a few minutes the competent teacher who is compatible with your child.