Disadvantages Of Online courses

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Online training offers many advantages including flexibility and saving time. What about the downsides?

Taking distance courses requires a high level of motivation and responsibility. Indeed, being able to attend classes after having done your daily activities is not always as easy as you might think. Sense of organization, good time management are qualities that must be possessed (or developed) before being able to get started; otherwise, the training project can easily fail. Motivation, concentration and a sense of organization are therefore the watchwords.

Lack of communication can be seen as a challenge
Face-to-face training allows you to get in touch with other students and communicate. Communication in the context of e-learning is often reduced to written exchanges: emails, chat, etc.

To be successful with online training, you need a healthy dose of self-discipline. Without it, you will not be able to complete your project. Those who need to be followed closely to progress and fully assimilate their course will find themselves a little helpless. Self-discipline for success is essential here. Indeed, online courses free you from many constraints and offer you flexibility but without a good organization, discipline, you will put things off until later. Procrastination is failure’s best friend here.

Isolation can be hard to bear
Online training offers a lot of flexibility, including allowing you to remotely access a course that took place earlier in the day. This means that you are often alone when learning. You do everything solo and communications by email, video conference, social networks or discussion forums isolate you further because your contacts with other students and teachers or trainers remain virtual.

Concerns about the use of screens
Online training requires extended use of screens and computers. Specialists highlight the consequences of this on health: eye fatigue, physical problems related to poor posture.

Indeed, sitting in front of a screen for several hours is dangerous for your health. It is therefore recommended to learn about the posture to adopt when working seated for a long time, but also about the height of the desk and taking breaks regularly.

The need to master the IT tool
Distance education has been able to develop thanks to the digital revolution. It is therefore necessary to be able to master the computer tool somewhat or not have an understanding of new technologies. In addition, you need to be able to study in front of your computer for several hours. Face-to-face, lessons take place in a room. So that’s another dynamic.

However, if you feel ready and have the motivation, you can get started!