Difficulty paying for college? 7 ways to solve this problem

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It is quite common for the tuition fee to have a big impact on the final decision of those who are choosing a degree . It is also normal to worry even during the course, as you have to pay every month correctly. But there are very affordable solutions for this!


With the right guidelines, you can enjoy the chance to earn your college degree without worrying so much about this part of paying for tuition. If you’re having trouble paying for your studies, just take a look at this amazing information that our financial sector team has put together!

There are job tips and even a way to go to college without paying anything! Want to discover more?


1. Make a complete financial control

This is true in all areas of life: in order to have money to fulfill your dreams, it is important to keep control over your finances. Keeping your savings up to date avoids unforeseen and makes you go even further. With this care, knowing how to pay for college will be one more question.

Set up a budget

For each item to have the necessary value, it is ideal to set up a budget. Know what your (or family’s) earnings are and define how much you should go for each point — house expenses, water, electricity, college, etc.

Track your movements

In addition to developing this tool that “distributes” values, it is important to keep an eye on everyday life. Record what you earn and especially what you spend. See where your money goes, as this allows you to save and even eliminate unnecessary expenses.

2. Balance work and study

A great way to make everything fit in your pocket is to look for ways to increase your income. In this case, it is worth thinking about looking for a job and joining it to your academic routine. Often, the salary is enough to cover college tuition and still helps to have experience in the market.

Take advantage of temporary vacancies

You can also take advantage of vacancies that arise at special times, such as at the end of the year. On vacation you have the chance to work for a period and earn money. Then, the accumulated amount helps to pay off the monthly fees. What about?


3. Work as a digital freelancer

In addition to the “traditional” work, with a formal contract and all, you can be a freelancer. The famous “freelas” are self-employed professionals who supplement their income with other jobs. Working through the internet is a possibility, as through digital strategies.

Discover the platforms

If you are in doubt about how this work works and how best to get clients, there are platforms available. On 99Freelas and Workana, for example, you’ll find projects in different areas. Contentools is ideal for those who want to earn money by writing for company websites. Just register and start working.

4. Take advantage of the academic internship and monitoring scholarships

Did you know that you can also earn money with graduation? Paid internships can take place outside of college, but mentorship grants are internal. With these alternatives it is possible to reduce the difficulties to pay for college.

Keep an eye out for vacancies

For both internships and monitoring, it is essential to pay attention to the disclosure of vacancies. Always check notices, on-campus boards and websites of interest. So, you can apply as soon as you get an opportunity.

5. Give private lessons

Faced with the difficulty of paying for college, you can take advantage of that talent in a subject to give private lessons. If you have done well in the ENEM writing, why not teach those who will also take the exam? With the extra money, it’s easier to pay the monthly fees.

Use the internet as support

To give private lessons it is not necessary to be in the same place as the student. How about using video conferencing calls? With the internet, you will be able to serve people from all over the country — which will increase your earnings.

6. Complement with “beaks” on weekends

When the week is over, new opportunities arise for you to make a little extra money. With the weekend “beaks” you can complement the value of the monitoring scholarship or reinforce the gains of the internship, for example.

Track vacancies and ask for referrals

In addition to always keeping an eye out if someone needs waiters at a party or an event receptionist, it’s worth asking for referrals. Talk to your friends and family and ask them to nominate you for these temporary jobs. With this little help, you will discover new ways to get money.

7. Know that you are capable

Faced with the first difficulty of paying for college, many people already think about dropping the course because they think they won’t make it. Don’t make that mistake! You are able to find the best solution without compromising your financial — or psychological — health. Believing in yourself is fundamental, don’t leave it aside!

talk to college

If you still haven’t found a definitive solution to pay for college, talk to the institution. Those responsible can present credits and grants that you don’t know yet. With a college that cares about students, it’s easier to get around the hurdle.

Having difficulty paying for studies is normal and is not a reason to despair. With these indications of ours you have the opportunity to keep your payment up to date the way you want so much.