Best Online courses in Udemy in this year

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A new year begins and with it its share of challenges to overcome. Whether in a professional or personal setting, why not try the adventure of online training? You will be able to learn new specialties that could help you evolve more easily in your work or your personal development projects.

We have selected for you 3 Udemy courses in promotion in various fields, from deep learning to video editing and programming. Enough to hone your skills or get started in a whole new and exciting field of Tech!

Angular 7 – The Complete Guide
Develop top-notch web applications with this course dedicated to the Angular 7 framework, the successor to Angular.js. No less than 28 hours of on-demand videos await you, along with numerous example documents and of course practice exercises.

From setting up the development environment to deploying your first web app, this online course will take you step by step through a complete professional quality project. No need to have advanced knowledge in web programming languages, everything is in place to assist beginners.

Best of all, this Udemy course costs just € 14.99 now, instead of € 189.99. If you want to improve your knowledge of the Web world, now is the perfect time!

Master video editing with Adobe Premiere CC

Video editing is too complicated, it’s reserved for IT pros, software is too complicated … Is that what you think? For less than 15 € (instead of 99 €) Udemy offers you a complete course on video editing techniques with Adobe Premiere CC software.

From the basics of the interface to photo and video editing, more than 7 hours of on-demand training awaits you. You don’t need to know anything about graphic editing, you will only need the Adobe Première CC software to get started.

Rated 4.5 / 5 by his students, Jean-Philippe Parein has been a professional computer trainer for years. It is therefore ideal for helping you take your first steps in the field of digital retouching!

Deep Learning from A to Z

Artificial intelligence, neural networks, deep learning … So many terms that seem barbaric, but which nevertheless shape the future of new technologies. So why not get started and learn the basics of deep learning?

This course presented by several speakers specializing in the field of AI will keep you going for almost 19 hours. You will be able to understand the logic behind “intelligent machines”, then move on to practice with programs in Python language. No need to be a seasoned programmer, only a correct level in mathematics will be necessary.

Between the videos on demand, various practical exercises will be performed. Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate will be issued to you by Udemy. For just € 14.99, this online course is clearly worth it and one of our favorites right now!