Balancing university life and work: Ideas on how to earn extra income while studying

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See tips to make this double journey easier and get inspired by ideas on how to earn extra income without disturbing college

It is not simple to reconcile two activities that demand a high level of dedication and responsibility, such as work and college, but most of the time it is necessary.

This is because, even if the course is taken through a public university, the expenses involved in university life are many: studying abroad has rent, food or transportation.

In addition, many parents cannot help their children in this situation and it is necessary for them to earn their own income.

And even if the student still has the possibility to live with his family, there are still infinite copies, books, materials used in college work, internet and other expenses that weigh on the budget of most Brazilians.

For these and other reasons, most college students need extra income to help with their college stay.

However, some courses demand a lot of effort, which makes it difficult for the student to work full time, for example.

With that in mind, we’ve put together tips to balance college and work and some ideas on how to earn extra income while studying. Want to know more? Follow the article until the end! Good reading!

Tips for balancing studies and work

This is not an easy task, but to make life easier for university students who need to perform some paid activity while studying, we separate three tips:

Avoid procrastinating 

The famous saying “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” basically sums up this tip.

It is important to understand that at this stage of life, all time counts, and wasting hours of your day walking around on social media, for example, while you could finish a college project or perform some action of your work, only tends to harm the two activities that you do. exercises.

Let your teachers and work partners know about your double shift 

Any support you can get at this stage is important.

So talking honestly about your situation is very important. This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a “teaspoon” one way or the other, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Have time for you 

You need to work twice as hard when you work and study, that’s a fact. But don’t forget to set aside time just for yourself, a break from busy life.

It’s no use exhausting your mind and body to the last consequences and having a breakdown.

Set aside a few minutes a day so that you can disconnect from responsibilities and recharge your energies, this is very important.

Ideas to earn extra income while studying

Now that you know how to balance studies and work, check out 6 ideas we’ve separated to inspire you to find a source of extra income while studying:

1 – Sale of snacks or sweets during the break 

If you have some cooking skills or you know recipes that people enjoy, this can be a great option for earning some extra cash.

Often the prices charged in university canteens end up being a little salty for some students, and offering more affordable options for snacks ends up captivating a good audience.

Differentiated products that appeal to students also help boost sales, such as that special truffle that has become a darling of those who don’t give up a dessert to sweeten their busy lives.

However, it is important to inform yourself about the college’s policy on the sale of products on campus.

From there, you can come up with a strategy that works well: sell at the front door, in the aisles, or deliver only on demand.

2 – Format academic papers 

All academic work must follow some technical rules stipulated in accordance with ABNT norms , and formatting texts in this way is a laborious task that many students do not fully understand or do not have time to do.

Thus, this is an area with a lot of demand, making it a great option to earn extra income and because it is already inserted in the academic environment, the offer of this type of work becomes even greater.

But it is important to study and understand the subject, so as not to harm other students who put complete trust in those they hire to format their work.

It is also necessary to be well organized, as it is a job with deadlines that must be met to the letter.

3 – Dog walker

This is a great idea for anyone who likes animals and needs a job that doesn’t generate too much stress in a way that interferes with their studies. In addition, any pet niche is part of a promising market that does not see a crisis.

In the rush of life, many animal tutors do not have time to walk their dogs, and many still live in apartments, which increases the need for this type of service.

Obviously, it is a job that requires commitment and responsibility, as most owners treat their animals like children and care must be taken when making this commitment.

By choosing to offer this service, you can promote it at the college itself, on your social networks and even make partnerships with pet shops.

4 – Paid internship

This is a well-known option among university students, as the internship combines the opportunity for experience in the field of study plus remuneration.

Check with your educational institution to see if there are internship programs that you can apply for.

You can also search for internship vacancies by visiting the official websites of companies that are related to your area of ​​study to see if they offer internship opportunities, as well as websites such as LinkedIn or employment agencies.

Now, check out two more ideas to get extra income, but online:

5 – Affiliate Marketing

The internet offers many options to achieve and working with affiliate marketing is one of the options, especially for those who have very tight schedules.

This activity allows you to work at any time of day, promoting specific products to a specific audience and earning good commissions, which can be more than 50% of the total sales value.

6 – Create a sales website

By choosing to sell products on the internet, you are not necessarily required to create a sales website.

You can sell through Marketplace platforms or even using your social media.

But by creating a website, you expand your range of possibilities and can even develop a brand for your business more broadly.