6 tips to study from home and be productive

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Studying doesn’t just have to happen in the college library or classroom. You can also learn at home, without having to move or waste time!

The good news is that this is easy to fix, with a little organization and adopting some habits.

Want to find out how to study at home and get the best results? Here are some tips we have separated for you!


Essential care in the home study routine

Before even starting to dive into books and activities, it is essential to create the right conditions for studying at home.

With optimal care, you can be sure that you will make the most of your time.

So, how about finding out which care deserves your attention? Check out some recommendations!

Set aside adequate space

You know that idea of ​​studying in any corner or, worse, lying in bed or on the couch?

Well, that idea needs to be eliminated. In addition to causing distractions and impairing performance, staying like this for a long time is not good for your posture or your vision.

The best thing is to have a dedicated space for this task. An organized table, in a bright place and without so much noise will help a lot in your performance.


Have organized schedules to study at home

Another essential care involves organizing your schedules. If you leave it to “study when you can”, your income will never be enough.

It’s not because you’re at home that the task becomes less important, right?

In order not to run the risk of learning less than expected, organize your schedule to carry out these activities with maximum focus.

Gather the necessary materials

Having to stop all the time to get that workbook, notebook or calculator is not good for income.

Among your care, therefore, you need to have the necessary materials available.

Keep everything separate in your area, including some snacks and snacks. Thus, you can stay focused, in addition to creating a good learning flow when studying at home.

Get help from the other villagers

Studying at home is also a task that depends on who shares the home with you.

Therefore, it is important to be careful to let other residents know about your study routine each day.

This is a way to reduce interruptions and even noise. As the goal is to stay focused, it doesn’t get any better than that!


Tips to make more money when studying at home

With the care that we present, it will be possible to obtain a good income. But there is a way to further enhance your performance with the help of essential tips to learn at home.

Want to find out what to do to get it right and make the most of the tasks?

Check out our tips for studying at home in the best way!

1. Create a fixed routine

We’ve already talked about schedules, but it’s worth emphasizing that it’s necessary to develop a fixed routine each day.

The ideal is to try to study always at the same time, as this makes the brain prepare to start learning.

If it’s not possible, no problem. You can create specific rituals, like studying after taking a shower or when you finish another task.

It also helps the brain create patterns and makes it easier to get into the groove.


2. Build a plan according to the disciplines

Studying at home on the fly is not a good alternative. If you leave it to decide what to learn when you sit down in your space, you risk wasting a lot of time just on that.

To avoid it, it is best to prepare yourself when creating a study plan. Define what is the priority between the disciplines and what will be the order of activities.

3. Don’t just focus on theory

When we talk about studying at home, that doesn’t mean staying only in theory, see?

It’s interesting to get your hands dirty in other ways, such as when creating summaries and mind maps.

It is also very important to do exercises and review previous studies to fix. In addition to perfecting the moment, you will be able to memorize the information over time.

4. Bet on other forms of learning

Since you are in the routine of studying at home, how about taking the opportunity to learn in other ways? In addition to traditional books, handouts, and presentations, the internet is full of teaching alternatives.

You can watch videos on Youtube or listen to podcasts on the topic. There are also applications, simulations, and knowledge platforms.

Use these resources to learn even more!

5. Escape distractions when studying at home

While it brings good opportunities, the home is full of distractions and temptations.

The television is just a remote control away and the cell phone is always charged and closed at hand. However, each interruption compromises its performance.

Escape from distractions!

Leave the television off and listen to concentration songs with the headphones. Turn off mobile notifications and temporarily block your social networks.

6. Take rest breaks

While it’s important to keep your attention, that doesn’t mean studying non-stop.

Our brain has a limit to how much it can learn continuously, and then it needs a break. Therefore, it is essential to rest.

Every 1 or 2 hours, set aside 10 or 15 minutes to relax or do other activities. Also, don’t skip meals to study and don’t stop sleeping the recommended time per night, okay?