3 ways to balance study and work

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Get up early, work all day, face the full traffic, arrive at college , perform all activities with quality, return home, rest a few hours until everything starts again the next day. Ufa! It’s definitely not an easy routine, but one thing is for sure: so much effort is rewarding.


Balancing study and work consume a lot of time and energy, but with the right tips, your routine will not be so heavy and the results can still be productive.

So, if you want to learn how to dodge obstacles and get the job done, just take a look at the tips we’ve separated for you!

1. The challenges of working and studying

The double journey between profession and academic life is not easy. These are two fundamental parts of your reality that require a lot of dedication. Therefore, it is super natural to feel the difficulties of this routine.

To prepare for this situation, it is best to know the challenges of reconciling study and work. And now you should understand: no matter how difficult it is, this effort will be well worth it in the future. Remember this!

be very well organized

Both employment and studies have one thing in common: the need to complete several tasks in a short time. In college, you have to deliver activities, take tests, maintain good attendance… At work, there are projects, meetings, training… It’s a lot!

One of the challenges is keeping everything up to date. And for that to happen you need to have control over your obligations. Stay tuned for what’s happening this week, what activities are for each day, and what your deadlines are. That way, you don’t miss anything and can handle everything without leaving anything behind.

overcome tiredness

Another point that deserves attention is fatigue. Combining study and work, for many people, means working from morning until late afternoon and then heading off to college. With the last class in the evening, arriving home is quite late.

There are also obligations at home and the need to pay attention to the family — and all this not to mention the time spent on the bus. The tip here is to prioritize things: taking advantage of the weekends to go out with friends and unwind is important, but keep in mind that these are the only two days when you can rest and replenish your energy to start the week ready for whatever come and go.

Fit personal life

And while we’re talking about going out and relaxing, we also can’t ignore the challenge of being a professional, a student, and someone who plays other roles. Son/daughter, brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend/friend… All these roles seem to pile up without there being time to be yourself.

At first, it may seem impossible to find a little space in the midst of so much obligation. However, if you can perfect your decisions, you will be able to dribble the obstacle. Do your responsibilities and try not to compromise your personal life.

2. Having both a job and a degree at the same time

Okay, reconciling study and work is not the easiest task in the world, but it is very rewarding! In addition to generating satisfaction and a sense of victory, it brings several other benefits.

Check it out:

Skills development

Work teaches. Studies, too. So putting the two together is a great way to develop new skills. You will discover, for example, how to manage your time better or complete certain tasks with less difficulty.

You will also learn to be punctual, responsible and committed to what you set out to do. All this — and much more — helps to build the ideal professional profile for the job market.

Professional growth

Those who have to deal with a routine like this, face challenges, but also conquer differentials that money cannot buy. Just think: in the face of an unforeseen event, you become more flexible. If something goes wrong, stay resilient. If an urgency appears, productivity increases. All this helps to grow personally and professionally.

Professional success is also obtained because of experience. By working while studying, you will be able to save time in the market. That way, when looking for a job, after graduation, you will have more chances than others.

Financial balance

In addition, combining study and work is a way to strengthen your financial life. After all, with this practice, the salary can be used to pay college tuition . If you get a scholarship or funding, it will be even easier to handle it.

It’s also a way to pay for your daily necessities (like transportation and food), help around the house, and buy some things you want. So your efforts are not just seen as difficulties.

3. Here are 3 tips for balancing study and work

It may seem difficult, but reconciling study and work is a reality that does not have to be synonymous with “giving up your quality of life”. With organization, planning and a lot of dedication, you can achieve your goals.

See what to do to unite these two areas of everyday life and make your routine much more optimized!

Finish and start the day early

Those who do this double shift usually only get home at night. For many, it is synonymous with starting household chores and even studying. The result? A rest that only starts almost at dawn. But why not do it differently?

Instead, go to sleep and wake up earlier. Great successful professionals set the alarm for 5 am. During this period, you will not face traffic when leaving home and still gain time to study before arriving at work, for example. It’s a great way to perform more and get tired less.

Set your priorities

You can’t always do everything — and that’s okay. The key tip is to set priorities and execute what is essential at that moment. Make a to-do list, set deadlines and see what comes first.

By doing so, you will discover what deserves your immediate attention and what is still due for completion. Instead of doing everything at once, you can keep a better pace, without leaving anything behind.

Don’t forget about you in the process

When putting these two activities together, it is common to forget about you in the process. There are people who stop seeing their friends, sleeping, eating well and even staying with their family. In order not to harm your quality of life, this cannot happen.

Set aside a few minutes of the day or even part of the weekend for yourself. Have leisure time and relax whenever you can. With less stress and more lightness, your life will be better!

Balancing study and work is essential to have a healthy, happy and successful life. Use these tips and you will be able to perform better in your everyday life!