3 new ways for you to turbocharge learning

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After starting a degree, it is very important to know methods to make the most of this experience. After all, all the sacrifices you make to pay tuition or balance study and work have to be worth it, right? And to get a good performance it is interesting to use new ways of learning.

It is possible to find knowledge in places beyond books and the classroom environment. With the right techniques, you will be able to more easily understand the subjects and prepare to have an excellent use of the course.

Want to know how it’s possible? So, see below the amazing tips to boost your learning and find out how to benefit from each one of them!

1. New methods for organizing studies

Good study doesn’t just include diving into books and not getting out of them anymore. You can — and should! — seek other methods to organize, focus and achieve better results. There are many alternatives to this!

The way to find the right path is to know yourself well. You have your habits and preferences, so there is a way that best fits your needs. But, after all, what are the most common methods for organizing studies ? We show next!


The Pomodoro technique creates very productive periods with full focus on studies. The original model says you should focus for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break at the end. After four repetitions, rest can be 15 to 20 minutes. Simple, isn’t it?

If you feel that 25 minutes isn’t enough to get you up to speed, you can create your own period. How about studying 50 minutes and resting for 10? Your hours will be much more productive!

The trick is to have a stopwatch or use a mobile app that helps you in this mission.


What if studies could become a game? Because with gamification this is possible. Considered one of the new ways of learning, it uses some features of games for everyday tasks.

It is the case that you give yourself a reward for each subject studied or create goals to “pass the level”. You can even join friends and have study competitions, which is all about games and increases motivation.


Flashcards are “cards” that present, on one side, a question about the topic and on the other the answer. By assembling these cards, you will already study and learn intensely.

Also, they must be used daily. When you know for sure an answer, the card can be kept. Thus, there is a way to review and fix the content in a practical way and anywhere!

2. Group study

You know that story that with company you can go further? Well, this is also true when talking about studies! With group activity, it is possible to achieve great results, ask questions and even discuss points of view that complement yours.

But be careful: when deciding to study with colleagues, you need to be organized. If, on the one hand, there is the advantage of learning more and better, there is also the risk of not having as much productivity. Without planning, you risk wasting precious time. To avoid, find out how to organize the study group!

Choose a neutral place

Makes you want to study at home with colleagues because of the comfort, doesn’t it? The problem is that it opens the door to low performance and distractions. So, it is best to choose a neutral and quiet place.

The college library, public libraries or an available room are ideal options. It’s easy to create the learning climate and stay focused, as you move away from comfortable places, free interaction environments and “force” yourself to maintain discipline.

Have clear goals

It is important that everyone has the same goal: to study and ask questions. So, to use this, which is one of the new ways of learning, it is essential to set goals from the beginning.

Define what the subject will be, what the topics of interest are and whether you will do exercises. Knowing what and how much to study, it becomes much simpler to achieve good performance.

Use explanations and debates

To take advantage of the full potential of the group, it is best for each one to start studying individually for a few minutes. Afterwards, each person must give their own explanation on the matter. If necessary, colleagues can propose corrections or add information.

After the presentations, everyone should ask questions about the topic. Then, the questions are answered by the group with an interesting exchange of information. If you need to exercise, everyone thinks about the solution together. It’s very productive!

3. Use of technologies

Technology can indeed be a great ally. It is among the new ways of learning, as it brings resources and media to those who need different methods.

Just keep an eye out: it’s essential to avoid social media and other distractions so you can focus on what’s really important. With that in mind, take a look at the means we have separated for you:

Video classes

The internet is full of people who teach what they know through videos. There are many YouTube channels that have amazing tips and full explanations. There are also dedicated websites for some subjects and, of course, documentaries and other promotions.

Take advantage of these resources to have explanations about matters that generate more doubts. Thus, you can efficiently study the whole concept and understand everything you need.

Online exercises

It is also essential to practice to fix what has been learned, right? By visiting the right websites, you will have access to a multitude of activities. There are tasks with various levels of difficulty, as well as varied subjects.

You can even find complete lists of suggested tasks and activities. With so much knowledge put into practice, it’s hard not to become an expert on the subject!


With proper use, your cell phone can also be your ally . With good applications it is possible to optimize studies and make the task more and more efficient. There are several free options with different proposals.

There are apps to apply the Pomodoro technique, take notes, track content and much more. Just download, use and study!

New ways of learning let you get the most out of college. Use these tips to develop the ideal routine and set yourself up for even better performance!